Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Nobel prize for technocrats

2007 really can be said to the year of technocrats. You will be thrilled to know that Nobel Prize 2007 on the account of physics scholars has been awarded to great technocrats for their noteworthy accomplishments in field of Nano technology.
Those technocrats actually are currently researching about the scope of Magneto resistance (GMR), which will allow large number of compact disks to insert into notebooks and other pertaining articles.
So, you all like me being normal guys are a bit confused about the GMR terminology. Friends, I am quoting here few excerpts from the famous house of technocrats, 'Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences' "A hard disk stores information, such as music, in the form of microscopically small areas magnetized in different directions. A read-out head that scans the disk and registers the magnetic changes retrieves the information. The smaller and more compact the hard disk, the smaller and weaker the individual magnetic areas.

More sensitive read-out heads are therefore required if information has to be packed more densely on a hard disk. A read-out head based on the GMR effect can convert very small magnetic changes into differences in electrical resistance and therefore into changes in the current emitted by the read-out head. The current is the signal from the read-out head and its different strengths represent ones and zeros.”

What can we all say "Well done technocrats"

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