Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Laptops fundamentals

Well Friends, I have a very strong fascination about laptops from my young age. While online , most of the time I try to procure information about latest laptops and their features.
Now let us know some basic facts about laptops. Laptops are basically small mobile computers (they are also know as note book or simple notebook).
Their weight is merely 1- 6 kilograms, it can also varies depending on several parameters like materials and size. Laptops are much smaller than conventional desktop computers which great enhances it's mobility features. You can't hesitate for once to take it while going on a vacation tour. Laptops generally operates on single main battery or it can also be run from external AC/DC adapter.
Laptops has similar capabilities than desktops though they are a little bit costly. Laptops normally supports liquid crystal displays optimized for mobile use and efficient power consumption.

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