Monday, October 8, 2007

Linux laptops

So, what does the chitchat* ultimate suit in the context of Linux-based notebook computer computers? Should it be the notebook computer to depart away all others? Or might the best model be new ethereal in its "ultimateness"? Given that we use our laptops in such varied ways, the answer in this context is more misleading than on the desktop or in the server room.

Brainstorming for inspiration on the ethic for the Towering Laptop, and given that my laptop and I reside in Michigan, my mind wandered instinctively to cars. "Which vehicle eager most people agree is ultimate?", I pondered. Based on what I see on local streets, I questionable that the Scale, Corvette or XLR Roadster would win bragging rights. But, that's Michigan. An informal poll of my California friends gave me static*s for single different BMWs, Lexuses (Lexi?), Mini Coopers, Mustangs and more. What is a impoverished Goods Editor to do?

Later, after reviewing the rare entries for the Ultimate Linux Laptops one-upmanship, the ultimate automotive symbol finally came to me. Admitting I presumptively will be run out of auto country for saying this, the laptop that was uttermost like the Toyota Prius was the king. In other brawl, the top machine was the one that would get LJ's readers' heads nodding and saliva flowing with its novel and elegant-but not necessarily just bulky-Linux-based innovations.

Based on these conventionalities, the winner of the 2007 Unequalable Linux Laptop competition is the EmperorLinux Raven X60 Tablet. The Raven X60 is a transportable, powerful, plentifully-designed, Core 2 Duo machine with several unique innovations that Emperor has down to the Linux space. Shortly, we'll delve into why we selected the Raven X60, but affliction, here's a little more about the race itself.
As to the Competition

For this first commonness of Highest Linux Laptop, we emphasized the innovation-focused "Prius corollary" as mentioned above, considering the unmitigated computing existence. We called on vendors to send us their bulkiest publicly realizable total package for around $3,000 US or less. Linux should be pre-installed, and all sizable features (such as Wi-Fi support, Bluetooth, function keys and so on) should work outdoors major supplementary input coming out of the user. What's more*, back testing all the machines, we were more convinced that the complete package is mega* greater than the sum of its parts. Some machines uniform brilliant on theoretically but simply failed to hearten. Factors such as ergonomic construction, service, documentation and attention to detail distinctly and greatly separated the best beginning at the adequate.

We foresee that short readers will prefer that the Maximum Linux Laptop act more like a Porsche than a Prius and produce the most smoke-producing performance possible. Yes, we examined this, and in the to be*, we may bump up the price point to include exotic machines. This year, per contra, we felt that the current market for Linux pda's warranted a vision-over-brawn approach.

Luckily, many of the firms that ship pre-lodged Linux machines took part in our game. We cheered the news of Dell's shipping pre-installed Linux laptops and tried to get our hands on one for testing. Shoddily, however, Dell expressed zero interest in participating, despite of late notices around Round Rock. In contrast, I spoke with either the CEOs or Vice Presidents of all of the Linux connoisseur providers. Although many in our community make invitations to support Dell, I say that actions speak louder than words. In my savoir-faire, our community-based providers generally do an excellent job of positive what they sell.

Now, on to the Raven X60 Tablet notebook computer!

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